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Pinarello Dogma F8 Frameset
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Pinarello Dogma F8 Frameset


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2015 Pinarello Dogma F8 Frameset

Unparalleled speed, world-class aerodynamics, and Italian elegance combine to form Pinarello's Dogma F8 Frameset. The feather-light carbon construction, incredible power transfer, and ultra-responsive handling result in an otherworldly ride. From Pinarello's super high-end Torayca T1100 1K carbon, to the asymmetry of the chainstays, to the wind-cheating FlatBack tube shapes, everything on the Dogma F8 is crafted for aero speed. A seamlessly integrated tapered head tube housing Pinarello's voluptuous Onda F8 carbon fork provides laser-like steering control while reducing wind resistance and weight. And, the sleek, aerodynamic internal cable routing allows you to run either electronic or mechanical shifting systems, with interchangeable cable stops for Campagnolo, Shimano, or SRAM components.

Features and Information

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    Specification Description
    Frame Pinarello Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon
    Fork Pinarello Onda F8 carbon w/tapered steerer

    * Subject to change without notice.

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    Option Manufacturer's Part Number
    Naked Red / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-NARD
    Naked Red / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-NARD
    Naked Red / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-NARD
    Naked Red / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-NARD
    Naked Red / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-NARD
    Naked Red / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-NARD
    Naked Red / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-NARD
    Naked Red / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-NARD
    Naked Red / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-NARD
    Naked Red / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-NARD
    Naked Red / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-NARD
    Naked Red / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-NARD
    Black Red / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-BKRD
    Black Red / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-BKRD
    Black Red / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-BKRD
    Black Red / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-BKRD
    Black Red / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-BKRD
    Black Red / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-BKRD
    Black Red / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-BKRD
    Black Red / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-BKRD
    Black Red / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-BKRD
    Black Red / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-BKRD
    Black Red / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-BKRD
    Black Red / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-BKRD
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-BYLF
    Black/Yellow Fluo / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-BYLF
    White / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-WTRD
    White / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-WTRD
    White / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-WTRD
    White / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-WTRD
    White / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-WTRD
    White / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-WTRD
    White / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-WTRD
    White / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-WTRD
    White / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-WTRD
    White / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-WTRD
    White / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-WTRD
    White / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-WTRD
    Titan / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-TIOR
    Titan / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-TIOR
    Titan / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-TIOR
    Titan / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-TIOR
    Titan / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-TIOR
    Titan / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-TIOR
    Titan / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-TIOR
    Titan / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-TIOR
    Titan / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-TIOR
    Titan / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-TIOR
    Titan / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-TIOR
    Titan / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-TIOR
    Red/White / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-RDWT
    Red/White / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-RDWT
    Red/White / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-RDWT
    Red/White / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-RDWT
    Red/White / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-RDWT
    Red/White / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-RDWT
    Red/White / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-RDWT
    Red/White / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-RDWT
    Red/White / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-RDWT
    Red/White / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-RDWT
    Red/White / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-RDWT
    Red/White / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-RDWT
    Black/Black / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-BOBB
    Black/Black / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-BOBB
    Black/Black / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-BOBB
    Black/Black / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-BOBB
    Black/Black / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-BOBB
    Black/Black / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-BOBB
    Black/Black / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-BOBB
    Black/Black / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-BOBB
    Black/Black / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-BOBB
    Black/Black / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-BOBB
    Black/Black / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-BOBB
    Black/Black / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-BOBB
    Naked Silver / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-NASI
    Naked Silver / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-NASI
    Naked Silver / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-NASI
    Naked Silver / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-NASI
    Naked Silver / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-NASI
    Naked Silver / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-NASI
    Naked Silver / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-NASI
    Naked Silver / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-NASI
    Naked Silver / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-NASI
    Naked Silver / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-NASI
    Naked Silver / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-NASI
    Naked Silver / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-NASI
    Team Sky / 42.5cm PI-15-DGF8-42-SKYT
    Team Sky / 44cm PI-15-DGF8-44-SKYT
    Team Sky / 46.5cm PI-15-DGF8-46-SKYT
    Team Sky / 50cm PI-15-DGF8-50-SKYT
    Team Sky / 51.5cm PI-15-DGF8-51-SKYT
    Team Sky / 53cm PI-15-DGF8-53-SKYT
    Team Sky / 54cm PI-15-DGF8-54-SKYT
    Team Sky / 55cm PI-15-DGF8-55-SKYT
    Team Sky / 56cm PI-15-DGF8-56-SKYT
    Team Sky / 57.5cm PI-15-DGF8-57-SKYT
    Team Sky / 59.5cm PI-15-DGF8-59-SKYT
    Team Sky / 62cm PI-15-DGF8-62-SKYT
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