Riders who have had a Body Geometry Fit done at Zane's Cycles by BG fit technician Greg Ciocci comment on the effects of having a fit done...

"It's noticable... there was almost an immediate increase of speed, distance, and time figures; which confirms why I did it in the first place: to match my biodynamics to that of the bike.  Because when I'm on the bike for a long period of time, I want to be in the right positioning so that I'm not wearing body parts down.  Now the bike fits.  Compared to when you ride something and know it's not your size... it's just two different worlds."  ~Jim Murphy

"My riding has changed for the better- I'm faster than I used to be, more comfortable than I used to be.  The new fit has allowed me to pursue a goal of mine- to start racing.  Due to Greg Ciocci's fit, my power transfer has increased immensely."   ~Tom Harris

"The fit definitely enhanced my riding capability, and took riding from fun to pure enjoyment.  I would absolutely recommend the BG fit to anyone."  ~Bob Beaulieu



Frank Schleck has his fit improved using BG technology!